Curiosity is an inalienable right of every individual because it helps people to understand themselves and their surrounding environment better, thus allowing them to develop the basis to obtain personal well-being.
It is undeniable that a condition of Mystery exists and that it manifests itself around us, represented by the unexplored dimension of the Universe in which we live. Our existence itself is an event that is inextricably linked to this Mystery; and the quality of our life might well depend upon our understanding it.
In order to achieve better perception of this Mystery it is necessary to overcome superstition and beliefs that are not supported by any proof or experimentation, being that these elements are obstacles to reaching effective knowledge, applying instead direct experience free of any preconceived beliefs.
In order to acquire useful knowledge it is necessary to dedicate oneself to study and experimental research in any field of interest that could lead to closer contact with this Mystery, with the aim of broadening perception of the Universe and improving understanding of the Mystery that it emanates.

JohnTitor Shan