Time travelers

To recognize each other
For an instant
In a shared glance.
On two paths
That intersect
In the infinity of Existence.

Infinite encounters.
Desperately locked
In a compelling embrace.

A shared encounter
Above and beyond form
Or ideas
To become friends
In the All, without end
And without beginning.

To recognize each other
And exchange of a hasty greeting
Between travellers
In labyrinthine Chaos

With no precise destination
Through time
Through space
And into every
Corner of the Universe

Living our lives
In the haven of dreams
That begin and end
Leaving us only memories
Of adventures
That were enjoyed
Who knows where
Who knows when.

Infinite returns
Over agonising paths
That intersect
With those of other travellers
Winning against time
And losing against time.

JohnTitor Shan
From the book "Nel Segno del Graal", Triskel Ed.