by JohnTitor Shan

A virtual experience of contact with a time-traveler.

The case of John Titor constitutes an event that has captured the enthusiasm of time-traveling fans all over the world and it has also constituted a theme of discussion that even today keeps running strong.
It all started on November 2, 2000 when a certain John Titor intervenes in a Forum on the Internet (, hailing himself to be a time-traveler. His post (username: "Timetravel_0") on the forum so laconically said: "Hello. I am a time-traveler from the year 2036.

John Titor's first intervention on Internet forum.
I am retuning home after having retrieved an IBM 5100 computer from 1975."
Suddenly his post is interpreted as being the works of a prankster. However, some people on the forum accept this sort of game and begin chatting with the newcomer. A well-motivated debate springs up on the Internet forum about Titor's identity, the future events of history, technology and physics.
These interventions go on for about four months and hundreds of web users are involved. In the spring of 2001 John Titor bids farewell to all saying that he will return to his epoch, in 2038.
Following these events, many are convinced that they were simply hoaxed, however an amazing number of people believe the story and they begin to assemble the pieces of Titor's interventions in the attempt of verifying the truthfulness of his affirmations.
From the numerous posts on the chat emerges the profile of this strange character and of his doings, which constitute the chronicles of the future and of science.
The events that arise are extremely suitable for the basis of a science-fiction novel. To sum things up, the events surrounding the John Titor incident is an interesting, yet rational and synthetic, corpus on what we know and hypothesize today about time-traveling.
This is the reason that this incident is held as a useful occasion of reflection and evaluation.

The mission of John Titor's journey.

The computer
that Titor

John Titor states that he is a time-traveler, apparently aligned with some military force, that has returned to the year 1975 in order to recuperate an IBM model 5100 computer to bring back to his period. According to what he says, this is the only model, amongst those produced in the 70'sthat supposedly possessed the capability of reciprocally reading and cross- processing UNIX, APL and BASIC.
The necessity of this time-travel recovery would so happen to be that in his period,2036, the UNIX system will have supposedly caught a bug that will render a large quantity of the computers based on IBM technology non operational and the problem could be resolved through the use of this computer model.

His personal background.

John Titor states to have been born in 1998 in Tampa, Florida USA. (Note: This is the first controversy that appears about the truthfullness of his accounts due to the fact that investigations carried out by his supporters show of no family with that surname that lived in Tampa during that period). John Titor claims that his military carrier began in 2029 when he entered a formative program of the American army where he obtained the rank of Major. During 2033-2034 he earned a degree in history.
He stated that he entered a work program dedicated to time traveling. He also claimed to be one of a seven man military team of "chrononauts ".
His personal preparation only permitted him to travel into the past. This was only one of the first missions that he carried out since his participation in the program.

His visit in the year 2000.

After having achieved his mission in 1975, where he allegedly had the chance to encounter his grandfather, John Titor wished to visit the year 2000 in order to witness first hand the effects of the "Millennium Bug".
He takes the opportunity to visit his family that lived in this time period, where his parents are still alive and he was only a child. During his encounter with his parents he reveals his identity as a time-traveler, thus provoking a state of "relief and fear" in them.

Chronicles of the future.

The most frequent questions that his speakers would ask him were referred to gaining knowledge of the near future: who will win the championship this year? Which president would be elected during the next mandate? How would the stock exchange and the value of gold proceed?, etc.
John Titor is always elusive when faced with similar questions or he replies that he could not remember so many historical details saying that they did not hold the significance for him as the people living in this period, these occurrences belonged to his past so he was not able to recall the things he'd been asked.

Tampa F.L.A., Titor's birt place.
John Titor was however open to giving facts about the future, saying that they belonged to his life in his period and thus they were of knowledge to him.
According to his accounts, at the end of 2004, after the presidential elections, in 2005 there would be civil disorder in the USA due to the republican political orientation of the government of the Country.
There would be an increased control over state affairs, through the police force and other apparatus of public order and eventually suppressing some fundamental constitutional rights. (Note: this is occurring at the moment due to Pres. Bush's "Patriot Act" which in part limits the Americans constitutional rights, an enforcement that Titor could imagine in any way possible).
The effects would at first be felt mostly in the main cities from which many inhabitants, in order to escape the repression, would first flee to the suburbs and then into the countryside. John Titor's family would have been among the hordes of fleeing people.
Always according to John Titor, from 2006 to 2008 a sort of civil war between cities and countryside would ignite. The first faction would be protected by the American armed forces and by the police task, while the countryside party would benefit from the rural military task forces. Around the year 2011, John Titor would have supposedly become part of one of these groups ,with the rank of gunman, of rural forces known as the " Fighting Diamondbacks".
This military force would have been under the command of a farmer-general and in Titor's period there was a statue erected in the city where he lived.
In 2009 a new President will be elected but he will not be able to repair the entire damage inflicted within the USA. Tension in the Middle East will rise due to the political instability of the USA. Supported by the Western countries, Israel will respond through the use of arms of mass destruction such as nuclear warheads. In the Far East, China will seize the situation and will forcefully annex Korea, Taiwan and Japan.
On March 12,2015, finding itself before a vast European military force allied in Germany, Russia will give way to the Third World War. It will start bombarding the major cities of Europe, of Australia, of China and of the United States. Three million people will have perished in the conflict. The planet will face a "nuclear winter" that will not be of total catastrophic proportions and will thus permit humanity to continue its existence.
Following N-Day, the Nukes Day or Day of Nuclear Arms, a New Global Order will be born and it will present itself as a mixed form of the United States federal system, the European system and the Australian system.
Europe will be in full political chaos, Australia will manage t withstand and repel the Chinese invasion and it will isolate itself from the rest of the world, except for trade relations with the USA.
Canada will reveal itself as a strong and determinated opponent and will deal heavy damage to Russia.
The upheavals in the countryside of the United States will benefit from the destruction of the large cities. Civilization will continue in the means of a rural culture that will be sided by a limited technological development, mostly in the field of mechanics.
The entire Internet will be upgraded and quickened since it will be considered the main means of communication, study and entertainment.
The transportation system will rely mostly on the railways and it will be much more rapid than our actual means. The AIDS virus will have been beaten and significant progress in cancer treatment will occur, while "the crazy cow illness" will be more and more common.
Humans will undergo genetic manipulation and space flights will be scheduled anew.
Due to the dominant rural mentality, religious culture will flourish. Christianity will undergo many scissions and it will subdivide into many religious confessions. Racial tolerance will increase though many prejudices will not be overcome.
The capital of the USA will no further be Washington, but Omaha in the state of Nebraska. The United States will be divided into five areas, determined by their political and economical power. In 2020 a new Constituent will be promulgated but it will only slightly differ from its predecessor.

The technology of time-travel.

Titor claims that within 18 months of his intervention in Internet, thus at the beginning of 2003, the CERN of Gineva will undertake some studies on electromagnetic and gravitational fields that will also regard black holes,

Computer generated black hole.
with the goal to conduct several experiments that will be able to evaluate the possibility of increasing transportation speed.
(Note: this fact corresponds to reality and if Titor was only a trickster in the year 2000 he could not have such knowledge). According to Titor scientists will succeed in creating a miniature black hole and they will confine it within a strong magnetic field. In merit, Titor states that, in accordance to science's present day knowledge, black holes are capable of altering the flow of time and thus they represent the motors of the time-machine. He also adds that black holes represent the gateway of access to other regions of space-time of the universe. You go in through one black hole and you come out through a white hole. Having based their studies on the fact that black holes manifest the ability to alter time, the American corporation General Electric will plan and realize some units for time propulsion. These units can be used together with the mini-black holes created artificially in labs in order to achieve time-travel. This technology will be of military exclusive, especially that of the United States. From this point onward humanity will begin its adventure of exploring time.
Allegedly the time machine that Titor used, nominated the C204, is a very bulky structure that will only work if it is equipped onto a large vehicle capable of moving into the proper coordinates and far from human settlements.
In brief, this time mechanism supposedly twists the gravitational fields outside of the vehicle, making it contract and concentrating it into a single point as if it created a miniature black hole. From this point begins the time-travel through a sort of Wormhole.
The time-machine would orientate itself via precise

Computer generated wormhole.
reference points and the destination and time desired as destination would be set at the beginning of the trip, it would then return to the same geographical point and time period, considering the Earth's movement in space and celestial rotation. The limited period in which the time machine is capable of traveling in sets an obstacle for its performance. It cannot travel out of the 60-year range into the past or future. To make an example, in 2004 one could only go as far back as 1944 or as far into 2064. These limits are due to the specific technology used to build this time module.
(Note: The problem facing Titor seems to correspond with the actual theory on time-travel obtained through the artificial strings that would effectively permit to travel into the past which would be limited by the epoch of their creation). "Half" of the trip is identified in the time continuum thanks to coordinates that refer to the Earth's gravitational field. These coordinates become imprecise as one travels away from their starting period. It is thus possible to increase the breadth of leaps in time but one risks being catapulted into unknown areas of time.

The paradoxes of time according to Titor.

Often, speaking about time-travel, problems due to the paradoxes to which chrononauts could face are cited. One of these paradoxes is represented by the theory that one could alter past events thereby changing the future. An example: if the builder of the time-machine goes to the past and kills his father before he was born what would happem? In the time-traveler's future should he cease to exist be it that he was no longer born?
In this case does the time-traveler instantly disappear be it that he could not reach into the past? If he could not reach the past then how could he kill his father?
This is one of the most recurring questions posed to John Titor. He explained that these events could not happen. Aligned with the recent theories on wormholes he cited the principle of "worldliness" or be it " time lines", or literally the " reality lines" that manifest themselves due to a principle of auto conservation of space-time.
According to this theory it is not possible to modify the future while operating in the past because the original time-line would coherently remain open and unalterable due to the fact that it provided the means for the time-traveler to go into the past.

H.G. Wells time machine.
In order to not contradict the coherency of this phenomenon, after having killed his father another time-line would open bringing the time-traveler to another future where he does not exist, consequential of his actions.
In this manner a parallel universe would be created to the original one and it would permit to maintain the logical balance of space-time while admitting these inevitable paradoxes.
According to Titor, time-travel, especially towards the past, cannot determine changes in the time-line of the traveler, whatever he does. It is already stable and set, determined by actions and choices already made.
This explains why Titor could reveal his identity without problems: his reality is already decided, he did not come back to the past to change his future, warning us of future events so that we could avoid them thus changing his future and forcing him to travel back on another time-line that would take him to a parallel future and not his original one.
He can not change his current present, but we can change our future because we belong to a point of the original time-line whose actions will yield an outcome, be it the consequence of a natural and original cause and effect, for our future. This is why Titor did not reveal anything about inevitable events (earthquakes, airplane crashes, floods…) that will happen in the immediate future. His revelations would have made these events avoidable, he would have created parallel universes in which he would certainly be projected.
These interferences with the time-lines, according to Titor, are not included in the time-travelers security code. In any case, any interference would be inconsistent upon the characteristics of ones future of origin.